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TTPA Trayning Tractor Pull Association Event Saturday Sept 17th 2016


Well we were all trying to guess how long it’s been since anyone has had a pull at Trayning 15 to 20 years still not sure? But the TTPA members and volunteers had been very busy preparing the original track in anticipation of some full pulls.


We had the following machines turn up for what was a great day, Muddachukka, Rockabilly, Venomous, Awesome, Destractor, Chickpower, Grumpy & Gambler all very eager to put on a good show for the crowd. On the day we were only running one weight of 900kg and giving 1st & 2nd places for the best overall in the Ltd & Super class.


After a bit of water on the track and a couple of test pulls it was time to put the hammer down and see who is boss, Muddachukka was sounding good on the start but just couldn’t that Clevo to its peak. Destractor now with another Chevy in the class to show up was and the noise all the way out the end of the track.


Venomous was putting down some great pulls for the whole day along with Rockabilly strutting down the track on the back wheels for a few wild rides to please the crowd. The Gambler driven by Brendon was running like a clock on the day with some ear piercing revving managed several full pulls throughout the day.


Michelle driving Chickpower again for the first time with the freshened up engine was not holding back right off the start line, however she lived up to her nickname Sideways Nanna by taking out the windrow several times and finally had steering failure but got some of the best crowd cheering for her efforts.


And then we had Awesome & Grumpy battling out the super mini title for the day, Grumpy was sounding very angry having just had a new cam & minor rebuild. This had Awesome eager to prove its power with Paul Rosher at the wheel, once the chain was tight it was full noise with a wild ride all the way out the end for a full pull.


Well this set the mark for Grumpy once hooked up you hear the tone of this tractor change from being Grumpy to just being very angry and taking the sled beyond the full pull line. This was great to see after his previous engine build from Southside’s ended in disappointment.


After 4 or 5 runs each our measurer / scorer had collected enough data, dirt & smoke from the burn outs to the over best of the day to the following:

Super Mini’s 1st = Grumpy & 2nd = Awesome

Ltd Mini’s 1st = Destractor & 2nd = Venomous


With the weather on our side we all had a fantastic day, it was great to see all the Burn Outs, Mud Bog, 4wd and tractors all running together to entertain the crowd for the day without any hassles.


We like to thank the TTPA members & volunteers for all their time & efforts preparing this event and the Trayning Shire & local for supporting the TTPA, thanks to all our Tractor Pull members, volunteers for your attendance and support for this event and we look forward to the next one.


Hopefully we may have inspired a few of the Trayning boys to get back on the track for a pull.


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